Welcome Wagon

Emmetsburg provides a Welcome Wagon program to help welcome all newcomers to Emmetsburg. We feel it is important that new citizens to Emmetsburg are made to feel at home. Each newcomer is given a personal visit by our Welcome Wagon representative, Lou Ann Huberty, to meet and greet the family and present them with gifts.

During her visit, the newcomer’s questions and concerns are addressed. In an effort to involve newcomers in our community, a list of churches, organizations, clubs, etc. is provided. In addition, a gift bag is given that provides coupons, gifts and household items. This program is sponsored by participating businesses.

Names of the newcomers are obtained from the Emmetsburg Utilities. Utilities are not always in the name of the newcomer, so names are also obtained through other contacts.  If you know of anyone who has moved to town and has not been contacted, please contact Lou Ann Huberty at 852-2334

To Citizens and Visitors

Cead Mile Failte’ . . .  A hundred thousand welcomes!Myrna-Heddinger

Hello, my name is Myrna Heddinger.  I was elected to the position of Mayor here in Emmetsburg in 2011.  I look forward to serving the people of Emmetsburg during my term.
We have a great “Little City” of which all of us, who reside here, are very proud.  Emmetsburg has a lot of things happening that will keep us on the right path to raising our families, prospering at work, and enjoying this community we all call home.  Many residents have come and gone, and many return for occasions where they relive memories of happy childhoods, reunions of various kinds with family and friends, and homecomings.  Visitors see us as a friendly community and some, after spending time here, come back to retire.

Please look us up on a map and journey through this lovely community. Stop and see us as you travel on Highway 4 or Highway 18.  You will find a beautiful lake, a golf course, a casino, dining establishments, and industry.  In the Courthouse Square, you will find a little bit of Ireland with a blarney stone and next to it, standing proudly, is a statue of Robert Emmett, our namesake.  This is one of only four in the world.

I close with an Irish wish to Emmetsburg, Iowa from its Sister City of Dublin, Ireland.

From the heart of a friend,
May good fortune be yours,
May your joys never end.

I look forward to welcoming you to Emmetsburg.  Come and see us!

Mayor Myrna Heddinger
Emmetsburg, Iowa