Utility Incentive

EMU will offer an incentive for new retail business by reducing the utility rates, equal to one half of the cost up to $2,500 for a one year period, when no other incentive has been awarded. In order to qualify, a business must have and use natural gas service from EMU. The utility credit will apply only to the business’s natural gas bill.

Q: Who Qualifies for as a New Retail Business?
A: A small (a minimum of two full time employees or equivalent thereof) retail enterprise engaged in the sale of goods or services directly to the consumer, opening business in a commercially zoned area of the City of Emmetsburg. Must be in the first year of business. They also must be members of Emmetsburg Chamber of Commerce.

Q: How do I apply?
A: Interested owners shall make a formal request in writing and also attend the Board of Trustees Meeting to give information pertaining to the business. A business that changes ownership and has received incentive previously will not be eligible unless a 3 year period has elapsed. A request must be made within the first year of ownership. A maximum of two incentives will be allowed for the same business.


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