New Business Gas Utility Incentive

Emmetsburg Municipal Utilities (EMU) would like to wish you the best in your new business. We would like to offer you our new business incentive by reducing your utility gas rates by 50% (up to $2,500) for a one year period.  In order to receive this incentive the following criteria must be met

  • Must be in your first year of business
  • Must use natural gas {Emmetsburg Municipal Utilities} as your main heat source
  • A small business (minimum of 2 full time employees or equivalent thereof) engaged in the sale of goods or services directly to the consumer
  • Business is in a commercially zoned area of the City of Emmetsburg
  • Must be a member of the Emmetsburg Chamber
  • Your business has not previously received this incentive in the last 3 years. (Only 2 incentives will be allowed for the same business.)

How to Apply

Interested owners shall make a formal request in writing and also attend the Board of Trustees Meeting to give information pertaining to the business. A business that changes ownership and has received incentive previously will not be eligible unless a 3 year period has elapsed. A request must be made within the first year of ownership. A maximum of two incentives will be allowed for the same business.

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