To help inform residents and answer frequently asked questions, we’ve started a “Did you know?” series where we regularly post sections of the City of Emmetsburg Code of Ordinances, helpful “how to…”s, information about various forms and permits, and more.
First up – livestock and poultry. ???
Emmetsburg City Code 57.01 prohibits livestock and poultry (including chickens) within City limits.
“It is unlawful to maintain, keep or harbor any cattle, horses, jacks, jennies, goats, buffalo, deer, sheep, pigs, llama, guinea fowl, ostriches, poultry (domestic chickens, turkeys, geese and ducks), or similar domestic animals raised for home use or for profit within the City limits unless the property upon which such animals are maintained, kept or harbored is zoned as agricultural property. This section does not apply to a bona fide zoological garden, pet shop, educational institute, circus, carnival or veterinary hospital treating such animals.”