Emmetsburg Residential Clean Up Week is scheduled for May 30 through June 2, 2023. Monday’s route will be picked up on Tuesday, May 30.

Rules & Regulations:

  • A $15.00 permit is required and must be purchased in advance of your pick up day. Permits can be purchased at City Hall (cash or check only). – NO REFUNDS
  • Your pick up day will correspond with your normal solid waste pick up day (with the exception of Monday’s route being moved to Tuesday). This is the only day your extra garbage will be picked up. There will be no return trips.
  • Your permit must be displayed facing your normal garbage pick up area. Any residence that does not display a permit will be allowed only two bags.
  • The waste shall be placed at the curbside no earlier than two days before the scheduled solid waste pick up day.
  • Only furniture that is small enough and light enough to be able to be lifted and placed in the solid waste packer will be picked up.
  • All waste must be placed in bags or disposable containers.
  • We will not pick up leaves, tree limbs, grass clippings, or any yard waste. It is your responsibility to take these items to the environmental site at the transfer station. Dumpsters and garbage bags that contain yard waste will not be picked up.
  • No recyclables or brown goods will be picked up by the solid waste crew. Brown goods includes include: typewriters, VCRs, stereos, TVs, fax machines, toasters, can opener, computers, computer equipment, etc.
  • No hazardous waste or toxic chemicals will be picked up. This includes paint, household cleaners, batteries, etc.
  • No building demolition or construction material will be picked up. This includes siding, plaster, lumber, carpet, etc.
  • Tires and white appliances will be picked up if the REQUIRED EXTRA TAG is purchased from City Hall and placed on the item. Each item must be tagged. There will be no rims allowed on any tire. The fees are:
    • Car tire, no rim: $12.00
    • Pickup tire, no rim: $16.00
    • Microwave: $12.00
    • White appliance: $22.00
    • Dehumidifier: $22.00
    • Air conditioner: $22.00
  • Items must originate from the residence where it is picked up from. You may not combine or share your tag with anyone else.
  • The City of Emmetsburg has the right to reject any items placed out for collection.
  • Rummaging through or removing items placed out for pick up by any person should be done in a neat manner.
To make Clean Up 2023 a successful community-wide program, everyone must cooperate and follow the simple guidelines listed above.
If you have any questions, please contact Emmetsburg City Hall at 712-852-4030.